Denise Dowsey in a coma | Entertainment News

Denise Dawse is in a coma after suffering from meningitis.

The 64-year-old actress – best known for her 10-year stint as Yvonne Teasley in “Beverly Hills, 90210” and as Dr. Rhonda Payne in “Insecure” – is currently in hospital and Doctors don’t know when she will regain consciousness, so her sister Tracy has appealed for “support and prayers.”

Tracy shared a message on her Instagram account over the weekend, which she has now added as a pinned post to Denise’s account, which read: “Hello family and friends, from the @dreamofthesoultd page.

“As many of you have noticed, my posts have been positive and uplifting. I am trying to keep my spirits up and support those who need it. As so many of you People know I’m a private person, so it’s hard for me.

“I am requesting support and all that can be offered to me and my sister, and my only immediate family is @deniseowse. She is currently in hospital in a coma brought on by a debilitating form of meningitis. To her doctors Don’t know when she will come out because of coma it was not medically induced.

“She is a vibrant actress and director who should be many years ahead of her. Thoughts, prayers and support are greatly appreciated. I am reading your comments and would like to acknowledge everyone’s comments. I respond to your texts.” Don’t give in as I do. You don’t want you to think it’s coming from him at the moment. (sic)”

TMZ also spoke to Tracy on Tuesday (09.08.22), and she confirmed that her sister’s condition has not changed since she wrote her original post four days ago.

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