Delhi building collapse: Eyewitness recalls sequence of events

We heard a loud crash and a cloud of dust, recalls Sampati, a resident of Delhi’s Lahori Gate, where a two-storey building collapsed on Sunday, killing three people and damaging nearby houses. surrounded us.

“We were preparing to cook, when we heard a loud sound. We came out of our houses and saw dust all around. “The debris of the building damaged my washroom, television and bed. We were outside our house in the rain all night without food,” said Sampati, who lives in front of the building that collapsed. Three people, including a minor girl, were killed when the building collapsed on Sunday. The body of a four-year-old girl, Khushi, was recovered on Sunday, while two more bodies were identified as Suleman (75) and Shagufta (70), police said. “Now who will compensate us for our loss? There were two shops on the ground floor of the building. We also knew Khushi but she died,” she said. Yasin Khan’s shop was on the ground floor of the building. The structure collapsed five minutes after I left the shop, he says.

“I had a motor repair shop on the ground floor. I had closed my shop at around 7.20 pm on Sunday. As I was walking away from the building, he collapsed. People were running to save their lives,” Khan said. Raju (18) also narrowly escaped as the entrance to his house was blocked due to the debris of the building.

“When the building collapsed, we all ran out of the house. But Raju got stuck inside as the entrance to the house was blocked by debris. We managed to break through the lower part of the back door and rescued Raju,’ said 60-year-old Bhim Singh, a retired sanitation worker and Raju’s father.

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