Daughter inspiration of world record attempt

Jason Gillard is behind an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest circuit class at the Stormont Pavilion on August 21.

He said: “I want to put this wee island, this wee country in the Guinness World Records books, but I need to know where and when this is happening, let go of my anger and come together.

“We need 2,063 people to break the record.

Jason’s daughter Aria

“I’ve got Northern Ireland’s top trainers, it’s a real cross community effort.

“I’m trying to build a lot of clubs to get our teams in their colors and make it a tribal fitness event.”

Funds raised from the effort will be donated to MenCap, which Jason said has been instrumental in his daughter’s development.

The father of four said: “Aria is now four years old. She was born with Down syndrome.

Aptly Ended After One of Jason’s Bootcamp Sessions

“It wasn’t until the birth that we found out. It all depended on the abortion laws in Northern Ireland where they don’t test for Down syndrome.

“It didn’t matter, but it would have prepared us.”

She added: “When Aria went to Mencap Nursery, I got inspired from there, it had a deep impact on her.

“He’s still fairly non-verbal, but his development has skyrocketed there.

Jason Gillard with his daughter Aria

“I thought I would love to give something back, I wanted to do something different – ​​to get into the record books, to be inspired by Aria, to do something that we can really leave Northern Ireland behind. “

Jason was born in England but has a lot of ties to Northern Ireland.

He said: “I’m a former crew, my mom is from here, my dad served here, then I served here. I met my wife two months before I moved to Afghanistan.

“I was a PTI (Physical Training Instructor) in the Army. I noticed that Northern Ireland didn’t take off in the outdoor bootcamp scene so I started a military style bootcamp.

Later in the year Jason will also help launch the first Veterans Awards in Northern Ireland.

The world record attempt for the world’s largest circuit class takes place on August 21 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Stormont Pavilion.

Everyone is invited to Family Day with food and drink, entertainment and more, hosted by Q Radio.

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