D-NAF Entertainment launches festival for mental health

In his quest to unite the local creative industry and raise awareness for mental health, popular gospel musician D-Naff has started the Speak Out Seek Help Music Festival.

De-Naff says that musicians and artists are sometimes reluctant to seek mental health support services from public service providers, even though most cannot afford private mental health treatment.

“Musicians do not have a steady income stream, and with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in Namibia, most musicians who rely solely on music shows and concerts have no shows for more than two years now. It has affected their livelihoods and left most with different mental health problems. One life affected is one too many,” De-Naff says.

The festival aims to create a sense of mental health wellness and awareness among musicians and public figures who help normalize the demand for treatment for mental health challenges.

“The concert aims to unite, as well as break down barriers in the music industry, and establish a platform that supports all genres of music, including traditional, R&B, house, souks, quasa quasa, afro-pop, rap. and hip-hop, among others.

“Music that is inspirational, inspiring and educational.

“After some of our fellow musicians and family members take their lives for unknown reasons, the message speaks, asking for help. Therefore, there is a need to unite the force of music to entertain people, as we raise awareness on psychic. health across the country.”

The concert is scheduled to take place on 8 October 2022, just two days before World Mental Health Day.

D-NAF Entertainment aims to champion mental health in the country and promote the objectives of the World Federation for Mental Health through the establishment of a mental health outreach project.

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The project will involve a team visiting schools, prisons, old age homes, residential child care facilities and private companies as well as various public places to raise awareness on mental health.

D-NAF Entertainment will further partner with mental health service providers, private, public and non-governmental organizations to enable musicians with the skills and knowledge on mental health, to provide direct services to musicians,

As well as with musicians in outreach programs, he says.

“We have already seen Lifeline/Childline come on board with the well-reputed organization Purposeful Living Consulting and Breakfree, which comes under the Office of the First Lady.”

Ultimately, the purpose of the concert is to raise funds to sustain the project and give back to mental health service providers financially and in kind, he says.

“We call on competent sponsors and mental health service providers to come on board. Let’s try to reduce the stigma associated with seeking mental health services and save lives. One life lost is too much. Speak up, ask for help ” -unwrap.online