Connecticut DARCARS Lexus dealership sued over surcharge

Gaskas said he used a 2019 Lexus RX 350 from DACARCARS Lexus, Greenwich, advertised on Cargurus for $40,838. He visited the dealership on January 11 and bought the vehicle again after being told the price was $40,838.

But the retail installment sale contract listed the price of the vehicle with accessories as $42,238 and included a charge for a “sales commission” of $844.76 — 2 percent of the vehicle’s price, Gaskas said.

Gaskas alleged that both of these actions were illegal under the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act.

“It shall be an unfair or deceptive act or practice for a new car dealer or a used car dealer to sell or lease or sell or lease a motor vehicle in accordance with any of the terms and conditions advertised by the dealer.” denies, including but not limited to the advertised price,” states a state regulation cited by the case.

Breaking any state or federal law relating to vehicle sales or leases also violates Connecticut business practices law by state regulations.

Connecticut law requires dealerships to include any “vehicle fees” they advertise separately in 8-point font, either within or alongside vehicle prices.

β€œThe sale price quoted by any dealer to a potential buyer shall include, separately stated, the amount of dealer vehicle fee and this fee is negotiable,” the law states. “No dealer vehicle charges will be added to the sale price at the time of signing the order by the buyer.

“… no dealer shall include in the sale price a dealer preparation fee for any goods or services for which the manufacturer is reimbursed to the dealer or any goods or services not specifically ordered by the buyer and marked on the invoice.”

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Gaskas alleged that overcharging advertising and charging customers for unneeded commissions both represented unfair trade practices.