Commonwealth Games: From James Guy to Adam Peaty: Your performance doesn’t define who you are

James Guy to Adam PT: Your performance doesn’t define who you are

James Guy to plead strongly Adam Ptu Not letting the double Olympic champion define his results as a swimmer after being out of a medal in the 100m breaststroke. Commonwealth Games,

PT declares himself ‘heartbroken’ after finishing fourth Sandwell Aquatics Center as his English teammate on Sunday night James Wilby claimed the title.

It was the eight-time world champion’s first defeat in over 100br since he was defeated by Ross Murdoch Feather British Championship in April 2014.

since his victory in 2014 Commonwealth Games In Glasgow, Pete has been completely dominant but a fractured leg proved his undoing.

Pete returned to the water on Monday morning, where he qualified first for combined 50cm after a “disastrous night” on more than two hours of sleep.


photo credit: Swim England

It was Guy who turned to PT, with the triple Olympic gold medalist telling a crowd of reporters:

“Jimmy said last night ‘Dude, don’t let swimming define you’.

β€œIt was like a light switch. As players we always think that our results define us and the whole world sees us as our result.

“But you know what, I still do what I’ve done in the last eight years, still won every single championship, set all the world records – that hasn’t taken away from me, I’ve had a bad day at the office. “

Guy’s career is characterized by ups and downs, the latter forcing him to learn the painful lessons he passed on to his friend and teammate.

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The two-time Olympic relay champion told Swimming World:

“I was talking to him and he was a little upset and I was like ‘Dude, that’s one bad swim you’ve had in about 10 years’.

“You are more than just a swimmer, it’s a part of our journey, our career.

“Think about the fourth place I have and not making the podium.

“Don’t let swimming define who you are – a bad race, it’s just a bad day at the office.

“We’ve all been there, don’t think of it for goodness’ sake.”

James Guy 2022

James Guy: Photo Courtesy: Georgie Kerr, British Swim

Guy, who won a bronze medal in the 200 fly on Sunday, won Pete et . replaced with Rio 2016His apartment which was a combination of joy and despair.

boy who is trained by Dave McNulty Feather Bath National Training CenterWas sixth in the 400 free in Rio and fourth in the 200 – in which he was world champion – behind two men who were later handed a doping ban. sun yang And Conor Dyer,

he said:

“I was ruined. But now looking back, everything happens for a reason.

β€œI told him: when you look back, this meeting is not a quick meeting, it is just not. Time is not that fast, they just are not.”

Guy speaking with Canada after moving past 100 fly heats in 52.49 Josh Leando The only man in 51.36 under 52 seconds.

He follows up on his bronze in the 200 fly in which Guy said:

“It was nice to be on the podium, at the home games – probably my last Commonwealth Games – so it was nice to be on the podium with the boys.

“My girlfriend and my brother were there too and the crowd was great.”

He will be included in an expected Team England line-up Tom Dean, Jacob Whittle And Joe Litchfield Monday evening for the 4x200m freestyle relay, an event that has garnered much global success in recent years.

“It’s a belting squad. It’s going to be a tough race tonight, but I think we’ll definitely get to the podium, but we don’t know exactly what color yet. It’s an interesting race.” Will be.”