Column: A Barbie Girl in the Barbie World (Video)

Barbie World in Mississauga is the first stop on the North American tour and it was something the Barbie-loving Village Media reporter couldn’t stay away from

I recently visited the World of Barbie Experience in Mississauga from the Square One Shopping Center.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge fan of Barbie, some would even call it an obsession, with over 100 dolls and accessories in my collection. When I heard it was coming to the area this summer, I was excited and bought tickets the first day they went on sale.

Naturally, I bought VIP tickets for the opening weekend. With a VIP ticket, you can visit the exhibition at any time during the day of your scheduled visit, as opposed to a fixed time-frame.

It’s the first stop on the North American tour, which will move to other cities like New York City and Chicago later this fall.

Inside is set up like a Barbie’s dream house. From her big pink camper van designed by West Coast Customs to her deep floor walk-in closet with shoes of every color. I was in heaven.

In one part of the exhibit, you see Barbie’s transformation over the years. Since being launched in 1959 by producer Ruth Handler, Barbie has worked in a variety of careers from fashion model to doctor and astronaut to firefighter. She’s always been a true inspiration to me, and as I tell all my friends and family: Barbie is more than just a doll, she’s a lifestyle.

Enclosed in a glass display case shows the various vehicles Barbie has driven and the dream homes she lived in.

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There are lots of photo opportunities in the exhibition. My favorite was posing in six different life-sized Barbie boxes.

There are other interactive activities perfect for kids: like a Barbie’s pool full of balls in which you plunge through the big pink slide or the music studio where you can record a song with the microphone, guitar or drums.

At the exit is a gift shop for Barbie merchandise from dolls to bags to T-shirts.

Guests can also purchase their own customized doll kit with special ‘World of Barbie’ boxes and bags.
The dolls are what you can find at Walmart or Toys R Us, but I had to have ‘World of Barbie’ merchandise so I bought a custom kit with the doll.

Here’s a video of my experience at World of Barbie.

The experience will be here all summer. You can buy tickets online here.

Natasha Philpott is a reporter/editor at Bradford Today, our sister site.