City cameras captured Sunday morning shooting in the heart of the entertainment district

MOBILE, ALA (Vala) – It’s been 72 hours on Tuesday since a shooting took place in the heart of Mobile’s entertainment district, in which an innocent bystander was hit. Now, Mobile Police is reviewing surveillance videos that captured parts of the crime.

However, the burning question is do all the cameras in the city work?

“To my knowledge, 99% of them,” said Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine. “I’d say 99% because if I told you 100, one of them would be down without my knowledge, but most of them are up and working.”

According to the police, the victim was walking with a group of people around 12:30 am on Sunday when he heard gunshots, then realized that he had been hit by shrapnel.

Chief Prine said the victim was not the intended target, and police were working to trace the suspect with the help of surveillance cameras strategically placed in the area.

Jason Elkins of the A&M peanut shop wanted to know that those cameras were looking for him.

“If we have people shooting each other, we want to know for certain that we are safe or at least to an extent being seen and protected,” Elkins said.

Chief Prine Rest assured that they are running and helping the city.

“To all business owners as well as the public, we are running down in violent crime, and yes, we have cameras here,” Chief Prine said. “Yes, they are being monitored, and yes, we review those cameras when we have an incident, but I think it’s safe to say that mobile is a safe place, and violent crime is now a total.” Overall going down by 6%.”

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Elkins said the cameras add a layer of peace and purity to the people of the city.

“It will make people think twice,” Elkins said. “Many people go astray by their instinct, and if they think no one is watching, they will take offense.” If you have cameras and they know they are on, that certainly adds to the crime. will reduce Once they know the cameras are on, they are less likely to do something violent, maybe something stupid, but shooting, no.”


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