Chris Eubanks Jr. vs. Connor Benn branded ‘dangerous’ as health concerns | Boxing | Play

Frank Warren has defended Chris Eubanks Sr.’s request that Chris Eubanks Jr. be dropped from his feud with Conor Bain over weight gain issues. The British promoter believes the fight is “dangerous” and shares Eubank Sr.’s concerns.

Ben and Eubanks Jr. will compete in a 157lb catchweight event at the O2 Arena in London on October 8. The agreed limit would be completely foreign to both men, with Ben never fighting above welterweight (147lb) and Eubanks Jr. competing at no less than middleweight (160lb) during his career.

Given the serious health effects of excessive weight loss, Eubanks Sr. advised his son to reconsider the fight, however, Eubanks Jr. and promoter Kyle Sauerland have confirmed that the fight is still on.

But Warren – who has nodded with Eubanks Sr on several occasions in the past – has settled with the legendary British boxer. Speaking to Seconds Out, he said: “I know old Eubanks is making some pretty pertinent comments about this weight-building condition because it’s dangerous, the biggest problem for boxers with injuries, to the head. The injury is about dehydration.

“I don’t care who you are, especially when you grow up to do this kind of work and his father has said it absolutely right. It’s up to the control board to oversee and he’s got a huge responsibility.” Because all eyes will be on it and hope it goes well.”

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