Chess robot that broke child’s finger, faces shutdown

The future of a robot that inadvertently broke a child’s finger during a recent tournament in Moscow is uncertain, although officials said the child broke safety rules on board.

In a viral video, after a robot grabbed her finger, a woman, followed by three men rushed to save the child. After the incident, the child continued to play and was also a part of the award ceremony after laying hands on an artist.

“Thousands of children played with robots before the incident, and a few hundred afterward,” Russian chess official Sergei Smagin told TASS news agency, discussing scenes that unfolded at the Moscow Chess Open.

“It was enough to follow one elementary rule – to move. Don’t know why, but the boy extended his hand during the robot’s movement. I can remember this never happening before. Also, the robot did Only pressed his finger, if it had not been extended, nothing would have happened. ”

But the child’s parents have said they want to level charges. According to the Baja Telegram channel, which shared footage of the incident online, the robot is currently on standby mode. It was rented by the Moscow Chess Federation and has been used with children before.

Moscow Chess Federation president Sergei Lazarev said he wanted the incident to be resolved peacefully between the chess body and the child’s parents. Lazarev called on the robot’s operators to add additional safety measures and safeguards to ensure that such an incident does not happen again.

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“The parents wanted to write a statement to the prosecutor’s office,” said Lazarev. “We want to settle peacefully, come to an agreement. I don’t think the robot should be abandoned… it has been demonstrated at various chess events for over 10 years. But we will discuss additional safety and security measures with its owners, operators.”