Cheri first automobile brand in Qatar to do user operation

Doha: Recently, with the number of Tiggo 7 Pro User Club followers on Facebook reaching 1,132, Cheri has already achieved the user operation goal of “building a public domain traffic platform with 1,000 users” in Qatar. Cherry is also the first automobile brand in Qatar to form a user club.

Different from the traditional marketing mode, Chery dares to innovate to create a user-oriented service system for the whole life of the product. Therefore, since Cheri entered the Qatar market, it has taken the lead in putting user operations on the agenda.

As a leader in building user clubs in the Qatar automobile market, Cheri has over 1,000 users in its public domain traffic pool, which shows its popularity well. As of now, Chery has 5 user operating platforms with around 2,000 users in Qatar. The club’s followers are highly active with positive feedback. Cherry has already handled 3,125 user inquiries, with a user satisfaction rate of 97%.

Through Cherry’s User Clubs, followers can send problems encountered in specific scenes, such as vehicle selection, purchase, and use, to online clubs for communication and discussion with other users. Chery will provide timely reply with a professional team and Big Data system. We found that in such club groups with similar interests, followers can clear their doubts and discuss among themselves. Therefore, it has become an open, free and honest communication platform.

Cherry frequently launches theme activities through clubs to enable followers to co-create and share, as well as realize online to offline interoperability.

Sometime back, the Chery User Club started an amazing activity with the theme of “WITH CHERY WITH LOVE”, wherein more Chery vehicle owners in Qatar experienced the human touch of the Chery brand.

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Creating a user club, however, is a reflection of Cherry’s pursuit of user operations, and Cheri’s original intention to seek growth in the “user-centric” Qatar market. Thanks to its extreme user care and strong model competitiveness, Cherry maintains a rapid growth in sales in Qatar from 2021 onwards. Its market share continues to grow to 5.1%, with Cherry ranking fourth amongst Qatar’s automobile brands. Among Chery’s hot products, the Tiggo 7 Pro was awarded the “Best Selling SUV in Qatar” in 2021.

As of now, Chery has created owner clubs for the Tiggo 7 Pro, Tiggo 8 Pro and other flagship models in Qatar. In the future, Cherry will launch another range of models in Qatar and the Middle East, so it will create a user club for more models. In addition to improving a range of experiences such as vehicle selection, purchase and use, and expanding the social circle between brands and users, Cherry will explore a new service ecosystem that is broader and more appropriate to the life cycle of products . User Experience Exploration.

Facebok: TIGGO7 Pro Club Name: Chery Tiggo7 Pro Club Qatar

TIGGO8 Pro Club Name: Chery Tiggo8 Pro Club Qatar