Charitra Chandra believes that beauty regimens are important self-care rituals. Entertainment News

The character Chandra’s “almost” enjoys getting dressed up more than going out.

The ‘Bridgeton’ actress believes that taking care of her appearance is an important self-care ritual and is happy to take her time on her beauty and makeup regimen as they make her feel good.

She said: “It’s a beauty regimen ritual that for me has a self-care element. I almost enjoy getting ready for a night out more than a night out. Women in particular are criticized for any act I like to push back on that. Yes, I’ll spend 20 minutes in Gua-shing if I want to, because it makes me feel good!”

The character looks to her South Asian heritage for some of her favorite beauty rituals and habits.

Asked if she incorporates South Asian customs into her routine, she told Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine: “I try! The obvious and most consistent one is to oil my hair with coconut oil. I am also an eyeliner girl so a kohl pencil is a must.

“I also think a key component of South Asian beauty rituals is simplicity — keep it simple, don’t overcomplicate skin care — and I certainly do as much as I can. Interesting to see the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic popularize For me over the years, it’s desi beauty beauty (plus some eyeliner, of course).”

The 25-year-old actress feels at her “most beautiful” when she chooses her “traditional Indian” outfit.

She said: “I think I feel most beautiful when I wear traditional Indian attire like a sari or a lehenga.

“I love wearing bindis – in Tamil we call them pottu. I think they really suit me; I definitely look better without a bindi.

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“Plus these days I only wear traditional Indian wear, for special occasions like a festival or a wedding, so I always associate it with happy memories – and doesn’t everyone feel more beautiful when they’re happy?”