Catalytic converter cut off van outside Eureka Auto Repair Shop | police fire

Dobbs Tire & Auto Center in Eureka, 1299 W. The van, which was abandoned for repair at Fifth St., was disconnected from a catalytic converter. Eureka Police reported that surveillance video purportedly showed two men stealing the converter, causing approximately $750 in damage to a 2000 Ford Econoline 500 van.

The report said that the theft was reported on July 9 at around 2 pm.

Video surveillance purportedly showed a dark blue Kia driving and parked in front of the van at the parking lot at around 10 pm on July 8. According to the report, a man allegedly came out from the passenger side of the Kia holding a saw and came under the van, and a man exited the driver’s side and kept an eye.

The man who allegedly came under the van was carrying the converter when he and the other man got back in the Kia and left. Eureka Police said officers found the number from the license plate on the Kia, but the plate was reported to have been stolen from the 2010 Dodge Journey in St.

As of 14 July, the converter had not been recovered, and no suspects had been identified, Sgt. Michael Tap said. He asks anyone with information about the incident to call Eureka Police at 636-938-6600.

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