Burlington Auto Shop offers free repairs to help struggling people

BURLINGTON, VT (WCAX) — With high inflation and gas prices, spending money on your car can seem like a huge expense. But one Burlington auto shop found a way to help those in need. The program started during the pandemic and is helping to keep things going when the road gets rough.

“I know the community, I know the people who come in and out of here. They trust me, I trust them. You know, having good business supports that community. Supports you,” said Brian Moegelin of North End Auto in Bryan.

And supporting the community is the goal. This is the second year that Brian’s North End Auto is offering free auto repairs, an initiative inspired by COVID.

“The ability to give back to people is, yes, low income, but it doesn’t necessarily mean low income, you can just have a bad financial position,” Mogelin explained.

The business started the service as a way to help people cover the cost of auto repairs.

Last year, more than $6,000 was donated to those in need. Burlington’s Cesar Rodriguez says it was a blessing.

“The extra money really allowed me to move to New York City and visit my mom because she was in the hospital at the time. So, it actually allowed me to pay for gas and pay for gas to come back. It was a godsend,” Rodriguez said.

This not only builds business but also relationships.

“What I love about Brian is their mutual connection. He explained exactly what the problem was, what some of my options were, what I shouldn’t worry too much about, and what I should worry about,” Rodriguez said.

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If you know someone who needs auto repair, you can put their name in a bucket at the front door. Brian will select the winners at the end of the month.

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