BTS will release the cookbook. Entertainment News

BTS is releasing a cookbook of your favorite recipes.

The South Korean septet – who announced in June that they were focusing on solo projects for a while now – will soon be giving fans the chance to create recipes that will be released later this year in ‘BTS Recipe Book: Book of Tasty Stories’. ‘ I like the most when it is released.

Available for pre-order now through the Weaver Shop, Tome will provide an insight into how RM, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, Suga and Jimin feel when they cook dishes.

There will also be QR codes linking the video guide with the band members.

The cookbook’s description read: “We hope you enjoy every moment by following the steps in these recipes, imagining the BTS’s conversation and emotions while they were making these dishes.”

The book news comes days after the ‘My Universe’ hitmakers announced the return of their variety web show, ‘Run BTS’.

The K-Pop sensations haven’t shared a new episode of their online series — which gives them complete challenges, often with special episodes for the holidays — for 10 months but recently shared that they’re looking forward to seeing a new episode of the series. Will drop a new special installment after the finale. Third series in October

A teaser posted at midnight on Tuesday (02.08.22) features the seven members.

In clips from the show that debuted in 2015, RM says: “BTS’s own show, Run BTS, is finally back after a 10-month break!”

Jin says: “We did some recharge and brought more fun with us. We hope you look forward to it.”

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BTS’s management team recently clarified that the group is not going on hiatus.

In June it was reported that South Korean boy bands were going their separate ways and would reunite “someday”, but their representatives later insisted that their comments had been mistranslated.

A release from their agency HYBE said: “The group will continue to be active as a team while undertaking individual journeys to further personal development. [They] Will allow himself to express his individuality through the release of solo albums and collaborations with other artists.”

HYBE’s parent company BIGHIT MUSIC continued: “BTS now begins a new chapter with new solo projects as well as group projects. Members will take this time to achieve personal growth through various new activities, and We hope this will further strengthen the foundation of the group. As a team last longer. BIGHIT MUSIC will actively support the artists.”

BTS broke the news during their annual FESTA dinner and explained that it is time to act on their own.

V insisted that they were not splitting up and vowed that the band’s “synergy would be like no other” when they regrouped.