BTS: Jimin, excited for J-Hope’s Lollapalooza performance, arrives in the US, rapper shares photos with him and J Cole

For bts jimin’, J-Hope is always number one as revealed by the other members at the Festa 2022 dinner. This certainly sounds true, as Jimin travels to Chicago to cheer for J-Hope, as the singer headlined Lollapalooza on July 31 as the singer announced his arrival on Weavers, and J-Hope. shared pictures with her and rapper Jay Cole on Instagram.

Sharing the pictures, J-Hope wrote, ‘Hope the world meets Coal World.

Yesterday, Jimin, who isn’t as regular on Instagram like others, shared a picture as soon as he landed in the US.

J-Hope, who recently released his new album Jack in the Box, revealed that he will be singing about 16-17 songs in Lollapalooza. In a conversation with pop singer IU, J-Hope said, “I wanted to introduce my music to a crowd that wasn’t interested in me, and to get their feedback.” When IU asked about the performance “So how many songs? How long?,” J-Hope shared, “The performance time is 1 hour and it’s going to be about 16-17 songs.” J-Hope’s Lollapalooza performance will be live-streamed on Weavers on July 31.

While BTS said they are going on a break for a while to focus on their solo careers, they are still keeping ARMY on their toes. After the release of Jungkook’s Left or Right with Charlie Puth, J-Hope dropped their new album and now, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin and V have collaborated with Snoop Dogg and Benny Blanco for Bad Decisions. Will end on 5th August.

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