Bradford Girl’s Bath Bomb Business Is Booming

A seven-year-old Bradford businessman who set up his own bath bomb company during the COVID lockdown has made hundreds of sales in his first year.

Maisie Howard started Amusing Bath Bombs after her parents gave her £50 to invest to keep her occupied while she stayed home during the pandemic.

But it has now sold hundreds of its colorful homemade bath bombs, has regular customers and has even started setting up stalls in local markets and carnivals.

Macy’s said: “I started making bath bombs to learn how to buy myself things to earn some pocket money over the holidays, and to make people happy during bath time and more.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

“I love meeting a lot of people at my stalls, and going on live video with my online followers where they can see me packing their orders.”

Her mother Lisa said whatever money Macy’s makes is invested to buy more stocks and expand its products — and a new ’90s-themed range is coming soon.

She also sells bath rocks, sponges and home fragrance products.

Lisa, who also has her own spray-tan business, said: “Macy’s loves doing it, and I encouraged her because I was worried that so many of her schools had gone missing during Covid, so I wanted her Have something to focus on and learn from. ,

“Macy’s loves meeting people, creating products, and going to events to sell their stuff.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Bright and colorful products are kid-friendly and some even have toys inside.

As well as focusing on manufacturing, packaging, and selling her products, Macy’s also has a huge following on social media, where she likes to interact with her followers to show them what she’s doing behind the scenes. What does

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“I love watching live videos with my followers making them laugh and packing orders is also colorful and cheerful,” Macy said.

The young entrepreneur also creates gift bundles for special occasions, including Mother’s and Father’s Day, as well as a paint-your-own bath-bomb set for £6.

So far, Macy’s has been to events like Wrose Carnival and Baildon Market to sell her products, and most recently she’s managed to make £100 for her summer caravan holiday.

Going forward, she wants to continue growing her business and create more products to sell.

To follow Macy on Instagram, visit @amaisingbath.

To order more, visit his Facebook page: