Brad Pitt and Joy King’s Bullet Train Band | Entertainment News

Brad Pitt and Joy King form a band with their ‘Bullet Train’ co-stars.

The cast – which also includes Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sandra Bullock – got along so well that they decided to join forces for a musical group.

Joy, 23, told Entertainment Tonight: “We get on so well, it’s really, really fun. We have Brad, who just sets the tone. He’s an amazing, talented leader of our band.

“We have a whole band name and all! We’re called naked down the line. I can’t even remember the story behind the band’s name!”

“I don’t know how it happened! We have the most wonderful time together.”

Aaron, 32, joked that the band was still working out what musical instruments to play.

He added: “We’re still figuring things out. Like, we’re still experimenting.”

And Brad quipped that the band’s name implies that they “just wear shirts.”

He added: “Joey will be the guy in front of us. And we’re going to be doing all kinds of doo-whooping in the back.”

Meanwhile, Joy previously admitted that she felt like a “fish out of water” with impostor syndrome when she arrived on the set of ‘Bullet Train’.

She said: “I’ve been acting for about 19 years now, which is really crazy, but I think this movie, stepping on this set, made me feel like I just touched down in Los Angeles and it’s my was the first [movie], I thought the fish was out of the water, impostor syndrome, I was like, ‘What am I doing here? I don’t deserve to be here.'”

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However, Brad, 58, immediately comforted her and she was “so comfortable” in his company.

She continued: “But the whole cast on this movie and of course working with Brad, I mean he’s f****** Brad Pitt at the end of the day, we love Brad Pitt, this Was really an honour, not only because they are so talented and have such great careers, but because they are the best people to work with. Brad turned out to be someone I was so comfortable with and feel so lucky to have Used to be that I was able to share this time, I absolutely adore him.”

Joy liked that her character in The Prince was “gender-swapped”.

She said: “At first, I loved my character, how everything was written, how villainous she was, but then also that her name is so strong and powerful. Like you said, they made me change gender, But they named him as The Prince. It made me so happy because I was like, ‘This name seems like the perfect way to build the character around him because it made me feel so strong and powerful’. I know Was who I wanted him to be based on how strong I feel when I say, ‘I’m the prince’.”

Brad stars in the film as the killer ladybug, who wants to give up on life, but is pulled back by his handler, Maria Beetle (Bull), to collect a briefcase on a bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto. On the train, he and the other competing assassins discover that their motives are all connected.

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