Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games: Rugby and netball being played with balls made in India in Birmingham 2022

While Indian athletes are proving their mettle in the ongoing Commonwealth Games, Indian sports makers have also made a mark.

He secured orders for the manufacture of the match ball for two events.

2022, overtaking traditional suppliers: Pakistan and China.

The match ball for the rugby event on Sunday and the netball match ending this week were made in India by Savi International, a Jalandhar-based sports goods company.

As per available information, the company received orders for the manufacture of around 20,000 balls for the two events.

“The Indian sports manufacturing industry has a certain skill set that positions it well and gives it an edge over its neighboring competitors (Pakistan and China). Mukul Verma, Director, Savi International, told ET, “We are getting a major chunk of orders for making rugby balls for global events.

The official balls used in the 2019 Rugby World Cup held in Japan were also manufactured by Savi International.

ET spoke to sports manufacturers in Jalandhar to get an idea of ​​the benefits India can bring to this business.

“Manufacturing rugby balls is a very complex process. It involves a certain range of synthetic rubbers to come up with high quality rugby and net balls. India has been a leader in manufacturing rugby balls for a few years now,” said Shant Overseas K Aman Chopra said.

Adding to this, Verma of Savi International said: “Making rugby balls is a cumbersome process. The quality of skilled labor we have in India is far better than in other countries. The quality of rubber, chemicals used to manufacture rugby and net balls available in India keep us ahead of our competitors.

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He added: “The ability of the Indian sports industry to fulfill both small and large orders makes it possible to capture the majority of the (international) market share.”

Nitin Mahajan of Pooja Enterprises said that ‘alpha’ hockey sticks made by his company were being used by ten men and seven women of India’s hockey teams in the ongoing Commonwealth Games.

Mahajan, a major exporter of hockey sticks to Europe, South Africa and Malaysia, said alpha hockey sticks are lighter and have better striking power.

Pakistan has been a traditional ball supplier for many global sporting events including the Football World Cup.

In addition, China and Pakistan are ahead of India in the international market when it comes to manufacturing tennis and badminton rackets and boxing gloves, said local sports makers.