‘Betrayal’ Stallone blasts Rocky producer and Dolph Lundgren. movies | Entertainment

The veteran action star is all set to have a tenth affair with his former Rocky producer after posting blatant and abusive attacks on social media. The language and content of a series of tweets has shocked Hollywood as Rocky and Rambo the Hard Man publicly attacked the 91-year-old veteran producer and his “useless” producer sons. Stallone’s fury at the current state of his Rocky franchise and the characters he created also left him “heartbroken” as he told fans: “I never wanted Rocky to be exploited for this greed.”

It’s all the more extraordinary because Stallone and producer Irwin Winkler worked together on each one from the first Rocky film in 1976 and onwards.

Yet in a shocking new post, Stallone said: “Another heartbreaker… just it turns out… once again, the 94-year-old producer and his selfishly dysfunctional child are once again in the midst of another wonderful character. Picking up what’s left of the bones!!! Seriously, how do you weasels look in the mirror???. I’m sorry to the fans, I apologize to the fans.”

Although he is not named and his age is incorrect, it could only be Winkler, especially since his sons David and Charles also starred in later films in the franchise.

On July 17, he posted (and later deleted): “I would really like [to] At least some of my rights are left over, before just passing it on to my kids – I believe that would be a fair gesture.”

In that post, he named Winkler, calling him “the remarkably talented and parasitic creator of Rocky & Creed”.

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It’s a shockingly blunt and personal attack, especially considering the pair have worked together for so long. Stallone was still there when Winkler was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2000.

Commentators have also pointed out that Lundgren began teasing the project last November, despite Stallone now saying “just figured it out.”

Despite Stallone referring to him as a parasite, Winkler previously described how he mortgaged his house and put it up as collateral for the studio to make the first Rocky film.

Roger Friedman, a former Fox News entertainment reporter, said: “I have been told that Stallone’s producing partner, Brayden Aftergood, sat down with Lawton at a Zoom pitch meeting in April and signed the project, approving Stallone. My sources According to MGM, do not proceed with the Rocky spin-off film unless Stallone gave permission…

“What still doesn’t make sense about this? Stallone could have handled it all through top lawyers and agents in Hollywood. Why did he choose the path of public fighting? It doesn’t reflect well on him, right? or wrong.”