Awards celebrate in child care

Extraordinary young people in care were celebrated for their achievements at a special awards ceremony at Monkey World in Wareham. The youth were joined by their foster carers and social workers in the event.

Four main categories of awards were given, with each nominee given a gift bag and certificate.

Character and Resilience Award nominee Kai said: “Recognition is very important for children in care. It’s not the easiest route, so recognition is really good.”

Kai’s foster caregiver, Seri, said: “I think it’s great that kids are recognized for all their perseverance. Any event that celebrates babysitting is great. And don’t make it too formal. To organize events at Monkey World makes it a more casual event which is welcome.”

There were four main categories of awards given by the Virtual School Head Teacher, Lisa Linscott:

  • Award for Merit Success
  • Award for Significant Achievement
  • Reward for determination and progress
  • Reward for Character and Resilience

In addition, four Virtual School Headteacher Outstanding Achievement Awards and another were awarded by Children’s Services Executive Director, Theresa Levy. These youth were nominated by their schools, social workers, foster carers and their virtual school leads.

Clerk Andrew Parry, Portfolio Holder of Dorset Council for Children, Education, Skills and Early Aid, said: “The EPIC Awards are always a wonderful event, but with a great initiative to organize it this year in Wonderful Monkey it is really Took it to a higher level in the world here in Dorset.”

“It is so important to recognize the achievements of children and young people and the effort they put into education and learning. An opportunity to acknowledge and show how proud Dorset Council is in caring for our children and everything they want to achieve He is incredibly humble to me as a portfolio holder and therefore inspiring to him to achieve his hopes, dreams and ambitions.”

“Our foster caregivers change the lives of our young people who need it most. Foster caregivers are in high demand at this time in Dorset, especially for teenagers. Our foster caregivers tell us that it is truly a rewarding thing to do so There is a lot of information available if you are interested in becoming a foster caregiver.”

During the event, a presentation was given by the Education Team Leader at Monkey World, Ann., about the importance of families to primates, held at the Dorset attraction and the organizations promoting the “Why Families Matter” program.

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Following the announcement of the awards, there was a raffle of prizes donated by businesses such as the Swanage Railway, Rock Reef, Abbotsbury Swanry and Snowtrax in Dorset. Guests had a relaxing afternoon to explore Monkey World and see the wide range of monkeys for themselves.

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