Auto, Skate and Surf Watch Drops: New Watch Design

Buying a watch can be a daunting task, considering how many quality horological options there are. Why are you wearing it – for mountain skiing and adventure sports or in the boardroom? What conditions describe watches for all occasions? The questions can be endless, which is why it’s good that the manual for breaking down new watch drops is here.

The sun is high in the Pacific and Mediterranean sky, so let’s look at auto, skate and surf watch designs. These odes to extreme sports will comfortably fit into any social occasion.

Zenith Defy Xtreme E - Island X Prix Edition - Top (above vulcanized tires) and Bottom

Zenith X Extreme E

Zenith Defy Extreme E – Island X Prix Edition

Sustainability is at the core of this crown jewel in environmental watch wear…or any watch wear, for that matter.

The new Defy Xtreme E Island X Prix Edition is the second edition from Swiss luxury watchmaker Zenith in an exclusive series of permanently made timepieces in partnership with the electric car racing league Xtreme E.

As a founding partner, Zenith produced the snazzy piece named the Defy Extreme Carbon, which is 1/100th of the watch firm’s second automatic high-frequency chronograph. (Zenith watches continued their role as the official timekeeper for the Island X Prix race in Sardinia, Italy.) The Defy Extreme e Island X Prix features upcycled materials and rare elements in a 45mm case. Made from carbon fiber and micro-blasted titanium, the face offers water resistance of up to 20 meters.

An open, multilayered dial includes tinted sapphire crystal elements embellished with fiery orange accents – the official color of the Island X Prix race. This tangerine tint also shines over a rubber strap made using recycled Continental CrossContact tires from the first season of the Extreme E.

If these components seem rare, they are. The Defy Extreme E Island X Prix is ​​over $26,000 and is limited to just 20 pieces available in Zenith retail and online stores as well as boutiques around the world.

defy extreme e "island x prix

Zenith Defy Extreme E – Island X Prix Edition

Staples X Fossil Sundial Watch

prime x fossil

Prime x Fossil Prehistoric Clock Collection

Have you ever had a clock that doubles as a solarium? Not me either, but this is a great analog innovation on a battery-powered watch. Fresh Staples x Fossil Flip the watch’s exterior over and read the time from the sun’s shadow instead of the inside of the clock.

Jeff Staples’ innovative vision with Fossil yielded an artifact that looks like it was uncovered during an archaeological dig. The new watch also comes in a collectible dinosaur egg tin.

The watch design mixes retro-futurism and mid-century elements in a historic nod to the 1990s Fossil watches. The sundial cuts Fossil’s fan-favorite icon into a gnome with a cryptic silhouette so that Staples’ logo appears in the shadow of the dove sundial.

The watch inside sports a classic, Roman-numbered dial as well as not one, but two holograms that glow when catching the right light—a green dove and “staple” in bubbling green Holo letters.

Staples x Fossil Limited Edition Nat Sundial

Prime x Fossil Prehistoric Clock Collection

Madrid x Fossil's clock on top of a skateboard

fossil x madrid skateboard

Madrid X Fossil Neutra Chronograph Watch

This summer Fossil is going all out with accessory collaborations; Not only is celebrating time in the sand with Staples, but covering skate along Madrid and surf with Maui & Sons.

Born in Southern California, Jerry Madrid has been making handmade skateboards since 1976. Madrid came up with Fossil to celebrate that establishment with not only a limited-edition watch, but 250 exclusive skateboards as well.

Madrid x Fossil Neutra Chronograph watch features a maple wood veneer dial, black grip tape-textured subeyes, 30-minute elapsed timer with chronograph function, and brown leather straps made of eco-leather. With each watch purchase, buyer receives a maple veneer box set that includes a branded bottle opener and 1:8 scale fingerboard. Each set is outfitted with an individually numbered plaque.

Madrid x Fossil Limited Edition Nutra Chronograph Watch Set

Madrid X Fossil Neutra Chronograph Watch

Maui & Sons x Fossil FB-01 Solar-Powered #Tide Ocean Material Watch.

Fossil x Maui & Sons

Maui & Sons x Fossil FB-01 Solar Powered Watch

From the home of Big Wave Surfing in 1980, Maui & Sons was an instant icon, an action sports apparel brand that embraced and outlived the Hawaiian home of founder Jeff Yokoyama.

Honoring this rich history in sunshine, the Maui & Sons x Fossil Collection launched with two solar-powered watches, made from recycled materials, designed to combine an active lifestyle with gratitude for nature. Inspired by the mission of the brand.

The Maui & Sons x Fossil FB-01 Solar-Powered Watch is based on the watch brand’s classic dive-inspired platform, a nod to Maui’s iconic ’80s cookie logo – the Yokoyama family chocolate chip cookie recipe.

The timepiece is outfitted with a #tide Ocean material case (42 mm), rotating bezel and nylon straps. These wraps contain upcycled components such as the plastic waste that lives in the ocean to turn into durable plastic reinforced with natural fibers.

Maui & Sons x Fossil Limited Edition FB-01 Solar-Powered Watch

Maui & Sons x Fossil FB-01 Solar Powered Watch

Maui & Sons x Fossil Solar-Powered Any-Digi Watch

Maui and Sons X Fossil

Maui & Sons x Fossil Solar-Powered Any-Digi Watch

The Maui & Sons x Fossil Solar-Powered Analog-Digital (Ani-Digi) watch features a solar-powered rechargeable battery as well as a case and top ring made of castor oil and a Velcro-recycled polyethylene tetraphyte strap.

The piece celebrates Maui & Sons’ main brand colors, including a rainbow gradient inspired by the surf.

Maui & Sons X Fossil Limited Edition Solar-Powered Any-Digi Watch

Maui & Sons x Fossil Solar-Powered Any-Digi Watch

Nixon X Independent 51-30 Chrono Watch.

Nixon X Independent

Nixon X Independent 51-30 Chrono Watch

Professional skateboarders such as Tony Hawk and other notable people have ridden independent trucks since 1978. The company’s motto, “Built to Grind,” fits Nixon’s new-school roots. Sponsoring skateboarders since 1998, Nixon delivers its commitment to quality and keeping its boarding legacy alive with this collab.

The new Nixon X Independent custom-built to grind watches honor each company’s freewheeling roots with fresh timepieces. This drop includes four customized takes on some of Nixon’s most popular analog and digital models. From classy to punk, this line is balanced for both experienced grinders and novice skateboarders.

Bold with big details to match, the 51-30 Chrono watch also sports a large, 51mm case. Skaters can appreciate the details of the pool tile in its revolving bezel.

Features include a time-to-piece countdown subdial, a hardware-shaped crown and pushers at 9 o’clock that balance the watch case to prevent “wrist bites” for right-handed people during active use.

Nixon Independent 51-30 Chrono

Nixon X Independent 51-30 Chrono Watch

Nixon X Independent Time Teller

Nixon transformed one of its bestselling lines to create two new models that blended analog style with active elements in classic colors.

Available in two finishes, silver or gunmetal, the distinctive independent logo is imprinted on Time Teller’s face. The silver option comes with a matching woven band, and the gunmetal has a black polyurethane wrap, each ensuring comfort even during long sessions at the skate park.

No need to worry about sweating with 10 atm/100m water rating. The hardware shaped crowns resemble skateboard truck nuts, which is an extra level of fun for those in the know.

Nixon Independent Time Teller

Nixon X Independent Time Teller

nixon x independent staple watch

Nixon X Independent

nixon x independent staple watch

Perfect for the indecisive, the Nixon X Independent’s Staples watch features a built-in coin flip app in the watch’s customizable display to help solidify tough decisions. The thick camo band attached to the wide square face helps the forearms to pop.

Made from recycled water bottles pulled from the ocean, this independent blends this sea-tough look, while protecting the environment that the grind supplies.

Nixon Independent Staples

nixon x independent staple watch

Whatever be the style of man, it is always upgraded by accessories. What better way to accessorize than by using a shirt, shoes, or a fresh piece of skin on the look with a watch. In other words, people who aren’t sporting a wrap around their wrists need to come to terms with it.

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