Australian senator criticized for calling Queen ‘colonial’

The recently elected Australian senator has landed in controversy after referring to the Queen of England as a “colonist” during her swearing-in ceremony.

Aboriginal-origin lawmaker from Australia’s Victoria province, Lydia Thorpe, was not present in parliament last week when the rest of the members took the oath, and so were sworn in on Monday. Guardian, In a video shared online, she is seen approaching the Senate floor with her right fist in the air before taking the oath.

“I, Sovereign Lydia Thorpe, solemnly and solemnly affirm and declare that I will remain faithful and I bear true allegiance to the concubine of Queen Elizabeth II,” she said.

However, he was criticized for this, with an anonymous lawmaker saying, “You’re not a senator if you don’t do it properly.” Several other members are also heard opposing Thorpe’s take.

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Following this, Labor Party President Sue Lines, in chair, paused for silence, asking Throp to re-read the swear word.

“You are required to recite the oath printed on the card, so please recite the oath,” she told Thorpe.

Thorpe is then seen repeating the oath, but with sarcastic stress on the words “sincerely” and “declaration”. He later tweeted with a picture of the incident, “Sovereignty never bowed”.

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