Audi seeing highest order backlog, blame it on supply chain crisis

Audi premium cars are in high demand as the company’s order book is block-a-block for the next seven months to a year.

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31st July 2022, 12:12 pm

File photo is used for representational purposes only.  (audi)
File photo is used for representational purposes only. (audi)

Audi has a high pending demand inventory which has hit a roadblock as automakers across the world face the challenge from lack of supply of key components required for production. Audi AG Chief Sales Officer Hildegard Wortmann confirmed this, sharing that heavy consumer demand remains as supply chain disruptions are still a concern.

Wortman said that despite the challenges of supply delays, people are willing to spend on premium models rather than models for the volume market. “We have a record high backlog and now the biggest ambition is to actually produce the cars that we can,” Wortmann said.

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Audi’s premium models are in high demand, even as rising energy costs are impacting households’ affordable incomes. The luxury carmaker said Audi’s order book is full for the next seven months to a year. “Generally speaking, the premium segment is always more stable than the volume segment,” Wortman explained. He also said that the company has not changed the prices of its cars in the last few weeks as the brand takes action to see the change. in behaviour.

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Audi recently announced its financial results for the first half of the year and shared that due to the ongoing global semiconductor crisis in China and the COVID-19 related lockdown, the brand is unable to achieve high demand for its core brand vehicles. could do However, Audi managed to generate positive revenue as it grew two percent to 29.9 billion euros. Audi’s operating profit reaches a new high of EUR 4.9 billion.

First published date: 31 July 2022 at 12:12 PM IST

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