Amesbury businesses encourage buyers to play a monopoly with them. local news

AMESBURY – Inspired by the popular Monopoly board game, several dozen Amesbury businesses and nonprofits team up to once again encourage local shopping in a fun way.

“We originally organized this ‘Amesbury-Oply’ concept to support businesses battling the pandemic,” said Brenda Stratis of Shea Concrete Products. “It started as a way to get people back into the stores.”

Antoinette Whitney, owner of Ovedia Artisan Chocolate and president of the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce, said, “Our Amesbury community has always been embracing the ‘shop local’ mentality, and so we get to harness that energy through this competition.”

Together, Whitney, Stratis, and others began the comeback of the game, where 32 businesses and nonprofits signed up for a spot — called an “estate” — on a Monopoly-like game board. Those 32 entities were then grouped into categories made up of four assets each.

“You play by collecting asset cards, which you earn by visiting a real-world location of that business,” Stratis explained. “Some businesses will hand out their cards to any visitor, while some businesses have cards that can only be earned with purchases. Once a player has collected all four cards in a category, they will be given their own The information must be entered on the back and returned to the Amesbury Chamber office for a chance to win several different cash prizes.

The 2022 Amesbury-Opole game board is divided into eight categories, with the prize for each category being $500 in cash funded by several local businesses. Shea Concrete donated $1,000 to the Grand Prize Drawing, in which all players are entered for each completed category they return.

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Brian Davar, owner of Fish Window Cleaning, said, “And there’s no limit to how many times you collect and enter a bunch of cards for your chance to win, so go back and support your favorite business. “

While the game supports a number of local businesses, each category also has an asset that can only be earned through a $5 donation to a particular non-profit. Each nonprofit has the name of a local business that collects donations and hands out its cards.

“It’s great how it helps both businesses and non-profits,” explained Joe Hamel, whose nonprofit is Caden Crusaders, and the cards will be available at Eighteen Friend Street. “Especially for us, driven by volunteers, it is an easy way to support the groups that make Amesbury so special.”

In addition to entering property card sets for a chance to win big prizes, the game offers a chance to win prizes without ever leaving your home.

The 2022 Amesbury-Opole game runs throughout the month of August. Players have until 7 September to return their card sets to the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce at 5 Market Square. A $500 prize for each category and a $1,000 grand prize will be pulled on video on September 9 and 10.

For more information on the Amesbury-Opole game, please visit You can also contact the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce directly by calling Phil DeCologero at 978-388-3178 or emailing [email protected]