All-Region Girls Lacrosse Player of the Year: Maya Grant, Lewiston

Maya Grant of Lewiston fires the ball while under pressure from Cape Elizabeth’s Mia Ramsden during a game in Lewiston in May. Andrey Kehn / Sun Journal

Lewiston Girls lacrosse coach Tracy Blasdale says the Blue Devils have scored almost every goal this season, starting with four-year captain Maya Grant.

The top-10 student at Lewiston High School scored 24 goals and collected eight assists in the attacking position in his senior season, while helping the Blue Devils reach the Class A North quarterfinals. She was also voted to the All-KVAC First Team and was voted the 2022 Sun Journal All-Region Girls’ Lacrosse Player of the Year.

Over the past four years, an enduring relationship between Grant and Blasdale on the lacrosse field has been maintained. Blaisdell Grant appreciated everything he did for the program, while Grant enjoyed the coach’s enthusiasm.

“I loved playing for Tracy,” Grant said. “(She) made sure we were always having fun. During practice, she gets a little crazy sometimes, but I love it — and she knows it. She’s had him as her coach for the last four years. I loved keeping it. It’s one of the things that I miss the most about lacrosse is Tracy.

“We came close just because I was the captain for four years and I know I can always count on him if I need him. I’m just going to miss her a lot.”

Grant had no problem taking on the additional responsibilities that came with his four-year stint as one of three captains, including Lily Gish and Cece Miller.

Grant said, “We have a captain’s council and New Years, you voted a person in your grade who was on the team… speaker for the grade-level in the team.” “No one else wanted to do this so everyone voted for me…

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“… then, unfortunately, COVID-19 hit sophomore year and almost all the upper class guys went and then junior year too – so I ran in as captain and got hold of the team for Tracy And relayed everything to him. Team. I just remained the captain of the team and I was never voted again.

“Then (Blessdale) grandfathered me again this year because I had already done it and he said I did a lot for him. I’m pretty sure my team doesn’t mind. I think Everyone liked that I am the captain.

Blaisdell said that being captain is more than a title for Grant.

“She was always positive. She was always driving,” she said. “She was always instilling that confidence in her teammates and I think the work ethic has a snowball effect. I admire the fact that she was a true student athlete. She was in the top-10. She landed a job and has excellent time management skills – and we’ve seen her confidence grow in the four years she’s taken on those responsibilities.

“I don’t think I’ll ever have a captain who serves for four years. She treats her teammates with respect and kindness.”

Grant switched from playing a defensive role in 2021 to being an attacker last season.

“I played attacking throughout the season, so I enjoyed playing with other girls on the other side of the field with whom I didn’t get to play much last year,” she said. “It was really enjoyable for me.”

Blasdale called Grant a selfless player who didn’t budge when asked to pilot her junior year to defend the Blue Devils. The coach said that when Grant took on the attacker he had a clear understanding of how Lewiston’s speed offense worked.

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“He’s a really versatile player,” Blasdale said. “She is truly a team player, which is what makes her exceptional. She always looked for the team, which I have always admired. Maiya was given a lot of responsibility on the field and also quite dependable.

“His lacrosse IQ is really excellent. The team respected and trusted him. He’s a great role model on and off the field. For me he’s the complete package.”

Grant said the opposing coaches recognized the Blue Devils’ cohesion as a team and this was part of why they were awarded the 2022 Class A North Sportsmanship Award.

“Even if we weren’t winning, other coaches said we worked more together as a team than other teams that won because we passed the ball a lot…” Grant he said. “Overall, as a team, we tried our best. It wasn’t the best result, but honestly, we did everything we could. We knew it was going to be a tough season because we lost a lot of great players and the feeder program in middle school is just getting started.

“We are the definition of the team. We share everything.”

Beginning this fall, Grant is admitted to Bowdoin College. She hasn’t declared a major yet, but she is seriously considering pursuing a career in the medical field. She wants to continue playing sports for polar bears.

“I plan to play field hockey there,” said Grant, who was a four-year starter for the Lewiston team. “I’m not on the team yet. I want to try. I love field hockey, but I really enjoyed playing lacrosse throughout high school. I had some really close friends who played so it made it so much fun – even if We may not be the best team out there.”

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