Air passenger apologizes for making fun of ‘bomb’ at Indore airport

A family briefly got into trouble while joking to an air passenger about having a ‘bomb in the bag’ during a security check at Indore’s Devi Ahilyabai International (DAI) airport. Though the family was released only after a written apology, they missed their flight due to a thorough investigation and interrogation by security personnel.

Official sources with knowledge of the matter told IANS that during a routine security check at the entrance of DAI airport in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, a male passenger made fun of his wife’s bag for having a bomb, following which the security personnel took strict action. . Their luggage is being checked. Due to a thorough check, other passengers were also waiting until the couple was taken to the security room for questioning.

An official claimed that the incident happened on Sunday night when a male passenger, who had come to the DAI airport along with his wife and daughter to board a flight to his destination, allegedly said that his wife had “a bomb in her bag”. was taking”. The family of the three had to go through intense questioning and search, the airport official said.

After a thorough check of his entire belongings, he was taken to a separate room for security check. The security personnel thoroughly checked and interrogated him and his belongings. During interrogation, the man apologized for his irresponsible act and nothing objectionable was found in his luggage, the officer said.

He was released only after a written apology. His flight was also missed due to strict security checks. “Our security team questioned the three passengers and it turned into a joke with the wife. She was asked to apologize in writing and not to do so again in future,” the airport official said.

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