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Sadar supporters attacked Parliament again

Thousands of supporters of Shia populist cleric Muqtada al-Sadr stormed Baghdad’s fortified government area and stormed parliament on Saturday, for the second time in a week, injuring at least 125 people.

The state news agency reported that the parliamentary session has been adjourned till further notice.

Sadar’s party came first in the October election, but withdrew 74 of its MPs from parliament after failing to form a government. His return handed dozens of seats to a coalition structure of Shiite parties backed by Iran. Sadr has since made good on threats to stir up popular unrest if parliament tries to approve a government it doesn’t like.

In response to the actions of Sadr’s supporters, the coalition’s framework called on Iraqis to protest peacefully “in defense of the state”, raising fears of conflict.

Nigerian vendor arrested for murder

Police in Italy arrested an Italian man in connection with the murder of a Nigerian salesman whose brutal beating in a busy beach town was filmed without any apparent attempt by onlookers to physically intervene, leading to Outrage spread.

According to police, 39-year-old Alika Ogorchukwu was selling goods on the main street of the Adriatic Sea beach town of Civitanova Marche on Friday when her attacker grabbed the seller’s crutches and hit her. The video shows the attacker wrestling the victim on his back and subduing it with his own body weight.

Police used street cameras to track the attacker’s movements and detained a man, identified as 32-year-old Filippo Claudio Giuseppe Ferlazo. He was held on suspicion of murder and theft for allegedly taking the victim’s phone. Police say the suspect claims he was torn after the victim made a “mandatory” request for a pocket change.

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China conducts live-fire exercise in Taiwan Strait China on Saturday conducted live-fire military exercises in the Taiwan Strait, as US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi prepared to reach Asia. The exercise took place off the coast of Fujian province opposite Taiwan. A warning issued by the local Maritime Security Agency said the exercise would be conducted near Pington, a county about 80 miles from the city of Hsinchu in northwestern Taiwan. It was the first live-fire drill announced by the agency in at least a year. Pelosi (D-Calif.) has not officially said that she will be visiting Taiwan, which China considers a fugitive province.

Iran arrests Swedish citizen on charges of espionage Iran says it has arrested a Swedish national on espionage charges after a Stockholm court sentenced a former Iranian official for war crimes earlier this month. The Iranian intelligence ministry at the time of the arrest did not give or name any names, but added that the suspect had a history of visiting the Palestinian territories, had visited non-tourist destinations in Iran, and had contact with people, including Europeans. surveillance. Iran has arrested dozens of foreigners and dual nationals in recent years, most on espionage and security-related charges.

Death toll from grenade attack in Kabul cricket match: The Taliban raised the death toll in a grenade explosion during a cricket match in the capital of Kabul on Friday, saying the blast killed two civilians at the stadium. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the blast, but the blame is likely to be on militants from the Islamic State group, the Taliban’s main rivals since taking over the country a year ago. Earlier on Friday afternoon, 13 people were reported injured in the blast at the International Cricket Stadium.

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Second monkeypox death reported in Spain: Spain has reported the second death from monkeypox in days, its health ministry said. It is believed to be the first death from monkeypox since its outbreak in the European Union. The ministry did not provide any information about the deceased. It reported its first death from the disease on Friday. The global monkeypox outbreak has seen more than 22,000 cases in nearly 80 countries since May. There have been 75 suspected deaths in Africa, mostly in Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where a more deadly form of monkeypox is spreading than in the West. Brazil has also reported deaths from monkeypox.