A new CBD brand named Jerry Garcia hits the market

Honoring the visionary musician with sustainable, earth-friendly CBD wellness products.

Denver, 1 August 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jerry Garcia Wellness, a CBD-focused business that highlights Jerry Garcia’s vision and values, today announced the launch of its CBD wellness brand and products. Known as the founder of The Grateful Dead, one of the most successful touring bands in rock and roll history, Jerry Garcia was an early proponent of cannabis legalization and went from being widely recognized as an effective aid to health. Believed in its natural benefits decades ago. Health

The brand is an officially licensed partner of the Garcia family and has a full line of CBD products that will pay tribute to Jerry Garcia’s legacy. Products include a collection of highly effective tinctures, a full range of topicals, and custom molded rose-shaped gummies inspired by Garcia’s love of roses. Each product exudes its own unique vibe, and all are focused on caring for the mind, body and spirit as well as our planet.

More than 109 million Americans have used CBD for years to naturally support the body’s response to relaxation, sleeplessness, muscle aches, balance, mental well-being, and a whole host of other physical and mental discomforts. .

Jerry Garcia Wellness enlists Kelsey Biotech founder Cameron Keluche as Head of Product Development to ensure quality and efficacy are second to none. Kelsey Biotech is known in the industry as the developer of some of the most effective CBD products and brands.

All Jerry Garcia Wellness products are made with 100% USDA Certified Organic CBD and a myriad of other natural, functional, botanical ingredients. Consumers can count on the brand to deliver highly efficacious, all-natural, hemp-derived, cannabidiol-based products.

“It is an honor to be working on this 100% organic and plastic free CBD project started by Jerry Garcia Wellness,” said keelin garciaJerry’s Daughter and President jerry garcia music art, LLC. “We appreciate how dedicated the company has been to ensuring that every aspect of the project lives up to the father’s trust and support. We are excited to be able to honor him at his 80s.th Birthday by sharing this natural wellness CBD program with our fans.”

“It is great that Jerry Garcia Wellness is announcing his debut in the CBD market at Garcia’s 80th birthday,” added Chris McCutcheonA member of the Jerry Garcia Foundation Board, a longtime member of the Grateful Dead extended family, and chief historian and storyteller for Jerry Garcia Wellness, “the mission of the entire enterprise serves as a tribute to Garcia’s fans by giving life to their vision.” does.”

Staying true to Garcia’s desire to care for the earth is a core tenet of Jerry Garcia Wellness. As a lifelong enthusiast of both the music and art of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead, the company’s founder and CEO Bobby Brahmo The company’s mission is to work diligently with the Garcia family to ensure all products and packaging are in line with Jerry’s belief in sustainability.

“We will incorporate Jerry’s fine art and other recognizable iconography into our packaging to make the brand instantly recognizable,” Brahms said. Intended to improve well-being without harming the planet. Fans and those looking for a better quality of life will know they are getting a better product that carries on Jerry’s immense legacy with each experience.”

To further Garcia’s work as a philanthropist, the company will donate a portion of its proceeds to a charity directed by his family. Jerry Garcia wellness products will be available for purchase online and at retail locations this fall. To sign up for information and product availability, visit Jerry Garciawellness.com or email [email protected],

About Jerry Garcia Wellness

Jerry Garcia Wellness continues to honor the great artist and musician by creating products they will be proud of through sustainable means. Jerry Garcia Wellness was developed in conjunction with a team of longtime organic CBD product producers and the Garcia family. The company develops and sells premium, responsibly sourced, all-natural, organic, highly effective, cannabis-derived cannabidiol-based products. A portion of all sales will be donated to charitable organizations directed by Jerry’s family.

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