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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé Season 9, Episode 16, “Here Comes the Pride.”]

Cara and Guillermo were before us 90 day fiancé The couple will get married in last week’s episode, and the wedding fun doesn’t stop there. Two more couples tie the knot on episode 15, while the other four are still either preparing to get married or maybe parting ways for good. Wait, because it will be a bumpy ride!

Ariella and Benjamin

It’s Ari and Bini’s wedding day, and Ari admits in an interview that she is eventually A little excited about it at first, though she’s definitely still taking a leap of faith. Bini is not thrilled that the wedding is taking place in a Jewish temple, but she notes in an interview that Ari promised that her son Avi would be baptized.

Both of Ari’s parents take her down the aisle to Chuppa, an umbrella under which Jewish couples marry, and it is constructed of Ethiopian cloth as well as one of Ari’s grandmother’s old curtains. Another Jewish tradition, they are called man and wife, after the bini stomp on the glass. He says that later now he can see that their future will be happy.

Ari echoes those thoughts: “We don’t know what the future holds, but I definitely think there’s going to be a lot of adventures in the future,” she says in a voiceover as Binny swings her through the air. .

Yve and Mohamed


If Yve and Mohamed do not marry within the next 22 days, he will go back to Egypt. For most of the season, it looked like he would do exactly that, but his mother advised him to open his mind and his tough ideas about what Yve should be and accept who he is.

Yve goes in for a manicure with her friend Rochelle, who notes that she was a runaway bride herself and it’s an option Yve might consider if her feet are really as cold as she says.

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“I have no doubts today,” Yve tells Rochelle, who says in an interview that he’s nervous for Yve and there are a lot of red flags.

Fast forward to Yvey and Mohamed’s wedding day, an event that most viewers probably didn’t see coming. Yve worries that Mohamed may find her dress too flashy. Her son Tharan, who has special needs, wears a suit, and everyone in the room gets emotional about how happy he is there.

The ceremony is quiet and beautiful. The only unexpected moment is when Tharan steps out of his suit and wears a “Legend of Awesome” T-shirt instead.

Emily and Kobe

The day before Emily and Kobe’s wedding, the family has gathered to celebrate, and they are all dressed in traditional costumes from Cameroon that Kobe had brought, which pleases him. He still feels heavy that Emily won’t tell her parents that she’s pregnant again, but she insists that they wait until after the wedding. He has also secretly given himself non-alcoholic beer at the party so as not to give away the mystery.

As the night progresses, Emily’s feet are getting cold, and she takes Kobe outside to express her doubts. Ignites a great argument.

“Do you think I’m here because of a certain advantage?” He asks angrily. “this is outrageous.”

He tells her that he left everything at home to be with her and their son, Koban, before he storms out, “If you can’t trust me on the eve of our wedding, I can’t accept it. F*** off!”

Bilal and Shaida


After two days, Bilal and Shaida seem happy enough to finally get married. Bilal’s sister Nefertari brings Shaida a wedding dress made for her, but she first plays a prank and presents the bride to be a large, formless garment. Shaida thinks it’s an old lady’s dress and just disgusting, but says Nefertari, “sometimes the customer doesn’t really know what they want.”

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Nefertari then puts on the original wedding gown, which is everything Sheeda wanted, and explains that pulling pranks is a family specialty.

jibri and miona

The day before their wedding, Jibri, Miona, and Jibri’s “gangster” grandmother Cheney are at a lovely Airbnb in Joshua Tree, California, where they have just driven from South Dakota. Cheney talks to Jibari privately and asks how everything is going with him, as his parents have expressed major doubts about the union and will not attend. Jibari thinks that marrying Miona is the right decision for him, and Cheney supports him. She says in an interview that she is a risk taker and she is as prepared as ever.

Later, Jibari Facetimes his mother Mahla and says that it doesn’t feel right that she isn’t here. He asks if he can get her a last minute flight, and Mahla says she can’t. She later tells a cameraman that she can feel the emotional distance placed between herself and her son to protect her heart.

Jibri asks her mother if she would bless him to marry Miona, and she supports him when she says that she doesn’t support the way it was.

Patrick and Thais


Three days before their vows, Pat and Thais are partying on a yacht in Miami, a gift from their longtime friends Jeremy, John and Phil. Thais are tired of traveling at this point, but they still have to go to Orlando for the big day.

Pat’s friends really want it to work out for him, as they say that the divorce from his first marriage punched him in the gut. Thays is hanging out on the boat with Jeremy’s partner Tammy, and says in a voiceover that it’s hard to be at the party because he’s anxious and it’s not fun.

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Thais tells Tammy that his father doesn’t approve of it, and that his opinion matters more to him than Pat’s. Tammy tells her that if she is thinking of breaking up with him, she should do it now and not after the wedding.

Later, Pat and Thais go to dinner, and she tells him that she is still too controlling and they need to make more decisions together. She also wants her brother John to move out if she marries, and Pat says he will give John three months’ notice. Family is an integral part of his life, he tells her, especially now, of his mother dying.

Pat asks Thais if she still wants to get married, and when she says it’s not easy, she is genuinely surprised that this conversation is taking place days before they become husband and wife.

They go to Orlando the day before the wedding, and their father calls Carlos Roberto from the hotel room to seek his blessings.

“Ah, no,” he says, “you don’t have my blessing.”

Pat worried in an interview that Thais might actually choose to go back to Brazil.

next time

Jibri and Miona’s intimate Joshua Tree wedding is about to take place, but their friend Igor is two hours late and Miona’s ideal day could be ruined. Shaida’s sisters tell her that she has one last chance of not marrying Bilal. Emily calls Kobe, who is still really upset about their fight. and Thais still doubt their wedding day, prompting a friend to tell her that if His Father opposes marriage, she will postpone it. After how many happy times will we see next time? Everything will open on Sunday.

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