6 athletic courts to resume in Williamsport News, Sports, Jobs

Six parks in the city of Williamsport are targeted for repurposing courts to play various sports.

Similar work has been done to the resurgence of the playable area on basketball courts at Youngs Woods, Shaw Place and Memorial Parks, as well as the pickleball courts at Memorial Park and tennis courts at Shaw Place and Cochrane School, a bid package presented by John at PenBid this week are in. Sikandar, City Engineer.

The project, identified as Williamsport Sports Facilities Resurfacing, has a deadline of 3 p.m. on August 26 to return bids.

According to the bid document, work to be done on select basketball, tennis and pickleball courts in Williamsport and the Williamsport Area School District properties will include resurfacing and line painting.

Sander wrote that physical work may begin in the fall, depending on weather permitting and timing, and availability permitting.

He said that as soon as the weather permits, it can also start in the spring.

No formal completion date was listed.

Resurfacing will include a specific type of listed playing surface and paint line and stripping to match what is present.

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